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Intravenous Vitamin (IV) Therapy

The majority of our modern day health problems show up as nutrient deficiencies. Intravenous Vitamin and Mineral therapy has so many applications in medicine because of its ability to address this underlying fundamental link in healing. From the food we eat to the toxins we’re exposed to on a daily basis, our modern day bodies are ever compounded with increased work load both externally and internally.

The high nutrient demand for our high functioning lifestyles with severely low nutrient intake is at the root of many serious illnesses. The majority of major illnesses can be prevented if our body is lower in calorie intake and higher in nutritional intake. We are over indulging and toxifying, over caffeinating and stimulating, over consuming and under-nourishing ourselves.

IV therapy is a very fast and effective way for delivering high doses of essential nutrients directly into the blood stream. It allows the body to directly utilize the nutrients without having to rely on digestion and absorption. Oral intake of nutrients have to be processed by the digestive system and depending on digestive health will only allow a percentage to be absorbed and utilized for the body. This process can be compromised in individuals with chronic digestive disturbance such as IBS, Chron’s/Colitis/Celiac and chronic kidney, pancreatic and liver disease. This is also a highly effective treatment for individuals suffering from chronic colds and flus, people on shift work and high demand jobs and lifestyles, hormonal imbalance and low energy.

North America is on top of the list for the unhealthiest continent in the world. In 2009 Cancer and then Cardiovascular disease were the top 2 leading causes of death contributing to 58% of all the deaths in Canada. These are preventable illnesses. Intravenous vitamin therapy is not only effective in helping to prevent these illnesses but can be used as a primary or secondary treatment in healing these conditions.

Intravenous Vitamin therapy has an extensive amount of research behind it especially for use in conditions such as cancer and chronic immune deficiency. Patients at Divine Elements regularly book in for these treatments when they’re feeling run down for a quick pick me up and look to this therapy with any lingering infection, pre and post-surgery, for pre and post natal care and as a preventative tool for general stress maintenance.

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