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The Elements

The Elements

  • Earth: solidity
  • Water: cohesion
  • Fire: temperature
  • Air: motion
  • Space: dimension

The properties of each element are used symbolically to describe characteristics within all things because all things are made from the elements. Each person has a constitution that expresses different aspects of the elements. When someone is out of balance; we see which element is in excess or deficient.

Looking at the elements in more detail…


There are messages in water…
Love and Gratitude

These messages were discovered by Dr. Masaru Emoto. He discovered that with intention we can program water. As shown above, the words “Love and Gratitude” were labeled onto a container of water and after freezing a sample and viewing under microscope this is what appeared. This knowledge has such a profoundly deep application in our daily lives as we ourselves are composed mostly of water.

You make me sick!

As we expand on this, we understand that if we program using negative intentions we also create what we’ve asked for….

Let us remember that we are composed mostly of water. It’s in our organs, in our tissues, in our cells and in our blood. Once we understand how intimately we interact with water, and how easily it’s manipulated, we can quickly see the application and necessity for programming water with intention.

Next time you choose to engage negative talk to self or others, think about the implications and the fractal effect (infinite ramifications) it has on yourself, your neighbour and everything else imbued with this fascinating “element”. Water like us, responds to frequency. Whatever emotion is felt creates a frequency which is transmitted through your body water and outside of you.
What does water do in the body and why is this information important?

hydrates the body
detoxifies and eliminates waste
medium carrying nutrients, hormones, enzymes etc.
critical role in maintaining temperature
creates optimal pH of the body (when appropriately charged)
major component of blood

As listed above, water is of critical importance to a healthy body. However, water that is polluted, highly treated with chemicals, and with inappropriate geometrical frequency can actually be counterproductive.
Where is water stored?

The total amount of water in the body of an average adult is 37 Litres
Human brains are 75% water
Human bones are 25% water
Human blood is 83% water

Is the water I’m drinking good for me?

Now that we see water responds to intention and emotion, let’s understand why this is so important. When we consider a lock and a key; we understand that there must be an appropriate configuration/geometry for the two to create synergy and perform a function. In the body, the geometry of water holds a charge/frequency that also requires a synergy with the cells of the body to preform appropriate function.

Water with a beautiful configuration as seen above has an incredible capacity to hold a sacred geometrical frequency that resonates in complete harmony with your body. Therefore, the infinite functions of water are maximized in this highly charged geometrical state. Water that has loose and poorly defined structure is limited in its ability to perform appropriate function as it cannot carry the appropriate charge for resonance with the body.

These pictures believe it or not, are of water from the same source. The picture on the left shows polluted water, the one on the right shows that same water after a prayer.

Unfortunately, the standards for water safety haven’t kept up with the newest scientific discoveries. We still live in a world where our tap water is maintained with chemicals extremely toxic to our bodies and our environment. Worse still, the bottled water companies have less regulation than that of tap water. Fortunately, technology for safe water treatment is readily available. It’s crucial that we become aware of this fact. Water is our most precious resource and as we discover her, we awaken to infinite possibilities!

To answer the question “is the water I’m drinking good for me?”. Our answer is, how do you think about water…

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