Divine Elements | Creating space for Awareness
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Creating space for Awareness

Creating space for Awareness

To Breathe is to inspire and sustain life…see what inspires us in hopes of inspiring you…

Most people have probably heard the phrase your team is only as good as your weakest link. Therefore, you are limited by the performance of everyone/every component involved. Well, in our bodies and in life, we can apply the same philosophy. We can only function as optimally as our level of awareness of our body. If we have limited awareness on what it means to be healthy, what it feels like, and what’s involved to sustain and create health, then our performance is greatly impeded. Most of us go about life unbeknownst that each day we choose to avoid our body’s signals, we further detach from what health means and feels like. Each time we do so, we create a new “set point” for what it is to be healthy. It’s like desensitizing our body to disharmony.

In our busy lives we typically override these signals our bodies are trying to give us. We over-medicate, over-indulge, or over-distract ourselves with things outside instead of taking time to look inside.

As we create the space to turn our attention inwards, we experience that we are no longer “trying” to live to be healthy. We become balance, we are harmony, we become vitality and we are abundance.

Join us as we look inside the body to explore the elements, expand our awareness and reconstitute the healed body blueprint…

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